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CONGRATULATIONS great scientist

March 15 85th anniversary noted the great Soviet and Russian physicist Juares Alferov.

Juares Alferov created a new trend in science. Thanks to his discoveries were mobile phones, lasers, optical fiber, solar panels and leds. Research scientist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2000. His work "Fundamental study of the formation and properties of heterostructures with quantum dots and the creation of lasers based on them" has become a revolution in laser physics. Scientists have for the laser crystal is a new generation, in which the light goes up rather than parallel to the plane of the plate. This made it possible at times to increase efficiency and get the led with perfect quality spectrum.

It is through this work, our studio «Dream Laser» has the ability to create unique laser representations that embody the most daring and original shows.

Contribution Juares Alferov’s in the development of not only Russia but also the world of science can’t be overestimated.

On behalf of the entire team congratulations on the anniversary passed! We wish you good health and long life!