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Presentation RED7

November 15, the presentation of the project RED7 - a complex of premium apartments on Sadovoye koltco.
The author of the architectural concept was the Dutch archbureau of MVRDV, which is in the TOP 10 best architectural bureaus in the world.

On the day of the presentation, TROYKA space turned into a theater platform with several rooms.
We have prepared a decoration for the performance promenade “The Art of Living”, which swaps the usual elements and events of the theatrical performance.

Rooms No. 3 and No. 4 are essentially one room, and we created content for two symmetrical performances.
“The art of coinciding” is a projection behind the back of the first hero in the form of scrolling news flows, transforming into a poem by one of the poets of the Russian avant-garde.
“The art of asking” is a projection in the form of circles on the water, diverging from the main character (drummer). Live music performance embodies the rhythm of life inside Sadovoye koltco street.

Room No. 5 "The Art of Creating" - a projection of the equalizer behind the beatboxer.
The equalizer is stylized under the relief of the facade of the RED7. The drummer's rhythm and beatboxer's sounds personify the future construction of the house.

Such performances are comparable with the objects of modern art - the inserted meaning creates a new subtext and changes the usual essence of things.