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On July 21, hundreds of thousands of people in Russia and abroad celebrated the Day of Metallurgist. In the Nizhniy Novgorod region the holiday coincides with the Day of the city of Vyksa. The basis of the industry of Vyksa metallurgical production is. The largest and most well-known not only in area, but also in Russia is the Vyksa metallurgical plant (VMZ). Among the works of our company one of the most memorable and spectacular is a 3D mapping shows held in Vyksa last year. 3D projection on building transformed beyond recognition usual vaxoram facade, demonstrating, among other things, the main stages of production. This year the residents and guests of the city of Vyksa saw the ceremony of a new product - a spectacular bright performance with the use of video installations and laser animation, color laser beams, which complements the stunning illusion of our Duo Laser Man. Production of the rooms is well-known Nizhny Novgorod choreographer Alexey Lushin. Such a show has no analogues in Russia!