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«Pangolin Laser Systems» is the world leader in the development of software and systems for creating, editing and displaying laser show of a European level. This company is a multiple winner of «ILDA-Awards» (International Laser Display Association) in the nomination «The best software».

More than 20,000 users in 63 countries use products by «Pangolin» to create incredible visual effects.

Being the official dealer of «Pangolin», «Dream Laser» Studio is engaged in sale of laser controllers BEYOND, QuickShow, LD2000, as well as additional equipment. At the moment «Pangolin Lasershow Designer BEYOND» is the world’s best, most-used and advanced software. This full-fledged workstation comes complete with hardware FB3-QS (USB 2.0) or QM2000.

Laser capabilities become unlimited with Pangolin software, and the most fantastic ideas come true.

«Pangolin Laser Systems» Company was founded in 1986. Today it is the one of the largest suppliers of the equipment and laser software in the world. The level of quality of the company products is constantly growing, visual effects created by «Pangolin» were honored with many awards in different countries, and its the software-hardware systems are used by leading companies in the sphere of events organization.

The company has offices in the USA, China and Central Europe, among the clients of «Pangolin» are:«20th Century Fox», «Universal Studio», «DreamWorks Pictures» and «Disneyland».

The most popular and usefulproduct ofis Pangolin is its Beyond laser system. With this set complex of equipment You can make both Laser animation, and Laser beam show. It automatically optimizes the color mixer and scanning system, which is obtained image quality, which does not go in comparisoncannot be compares with the picture cheap analogues.

Laser systemsby «Pangolin» have a wide range of technical capabilities. They can reproduce both staticand dymanic images and images in the dynamics. It can be graphics, logos, animated frames, three-dimensional shapes, beam show. All of theise allowsto revive even the most daring ideas, it which would seemedto be almost impossible to recreate.

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«Arctos Lasertechnik» Company (Germany) is justifiably considered to be the world’s best producer of color laser projectors. The lasers produced by «Arctos» provide the hardest images, high reliability, compactability and low power consumption. This equipment possesses a unique quality: the power unit brightness of Arctos-lasers is several times higher than the power unit brightness of virtually all existing RGB lasers. “Arctos” developed blue and red diodes which make it possible.

Bright red instead of dark red, bright blue instead of dark blue, ideal optics, properly parameterized balance of white color – there are just a few reasons to mention that allows to achieve high quality laser work by «Arctos» equipment.

One of the main advantages of «Arctos» lasers is their high durability!

Аrctos: all for laser show

Inclusion of a laser show into the program of any event can make it truly successful. However, the original script is not enough. It is equally important to find and quality equipment. One of the most trusted brands in the world, producing ultra-modern projectors and laser systems, is the German company Arctos. It exists in the market already more than 15 years. Its brand is recognized as a guarantor of quality worldwide. Purebred German leader among professional laser installations, collected only from high-quality German and Japanese components.

Projectors by Arctosare ahead of many existing laser systems: from analogues they differ in their power. This technique is distinguished by the brightness of the colors (bright red instead of dark, light blue instead of dark blue), perfectly selected white balance, and new laser three-dimensional effect cannot oppose anything worthy, none of the competing company.

Engineers of Arctos constantly improveing products, offering consumers more and more perfect novelties.

Projectors and systems by Arctospossess highare durabilitye and have a wide range of visual effects that can boast not every manufacturer of light vehicles. To get acquainted with products of the brand you in our directory.


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TechArt laser projectors work great under any conditions. The lasers are characterized by long continuity of service and significant mean time between failures due to the usage of such modules as "Jenlas" Jenoptik (Germany) and "Coherent" (USA) as well as the scanning system “Cambridge Technology" (USA). Compactability, usability and easy maintenance of these laser projectors guarantee operating convenience.

TechArt laser projectors present ideal value for money that makes them high-demand on the Russian, Ukrainian as well as European markets.

Techart: professional and high quality equipment

When choosing a laser equipment, special attention should be paid to the technical characteristics, the reliability of components, ease of configuration and dimensions of the equipment. Compact versions are morest convenient at transportation and storage. All these advantages have technology company Techart. The company was founded in 1991, since then this brand is widely represented in different countries.

Techart laser projectors you can choose in our directory. In it you will find one-colour and multi-colour projectors of different power output, with an impressive array of additional features.

On our site you can find projectors, which have all the technical capacity to create a bright show, while they are easy to install and manage. We areSure that the prices will pleasantly surprise you!


Kvant LTD
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Kvant is the one of world leaders on development of laser systems for show business. High-quality components from Jenoptik, Coherent, Carl Zeiss, Nichia, Mitsubishi electric and Cambridge technology provide highly reliable and accurate work of Kvant laser systems. High-tech components guarantee uninterrupted operation oflaser beams. Standard input connector ILDA 25 pin makes them compatible with all existing control systems.

Low energy consumption and air cooling does Kvant laser systems economical and safe in operation. All laser systems by “Kvant” certified international and Russian certificates of safety and quality.

KVANT LTD one of the world leaders ion manufacture of laser systems for show business. High-quality components from Jenoptik, Coherent, Carl Zeiss, Nichia, Mitsubishi electric and Cambridge technology provide highly reliable and accurate laser systems KVANT. High-tech components guarantee a long life laser. Standard input ILDA 25 pin makes them compatible with all existing control systems.

Low energy consumption and air cooling do laser systems KVANT economical and safe in operation. All laser systems KVANT are certified with international and Russian certificates of safety and quality.

The laser of the latest generation SPECTRUM and MAXIM with new scanning systems CT Cambridge technology 6215 turbo eas to cope with complex graphic images and draw real 3D graphics.

Color laser system SPECTRUM consists of a high quality laser moduleswhich are collected in the crystals grown on plants Nichia, Opnext and Mitsubishi electric and OPSL lasers companies Coherent and Jena Optic. Milled aluminum case.Standard connectors ILDA.Analog (RGB) modulation. Adjusting the brightness and full LED display on the rear panel. The possibility of the inversion of axial projections.Adjustable collimating optics. Beam divergence from 0.2 to 1.1 mrad. Beam diameter from 3 up to 5,5 mm lifetime up to 10 000 hours! Consumed power 230V(500W). The security key.

Scanning system from Cambridge Technologies reproduces the schedule of any complexity and even pictures (bitmap). Optic plate (option) to diffraction effects (Machado, Lumina, Double net-routable)increases visual perception laser effects. The warranty period is extended to two years and includes service and technical support for the entire warranty period. Service center in Nizhny Novgorod allows operatively and in a short time to correct any faults



The success of 3D Mapping show is guaranteed if You choosethe most progressive professional equipment.

Technical specialists of Studiouse projectors by «Christie Digital» companyto create 3D Mapping, differentvideo projection shows and large panoramic installations. Whatever the geometry of the space, shows by «Dream Laser» always looks effectively, giving all the details of the image in high-quality.

We use switching equipment from leading manufacturers, which combines all the elements of complex technical systems in the creation and playback of video content.

Also our Studio offers the rent of projection equipment. Leading companies engaged in carrying out large-scale show can’t do an unforgettable performancewithout projectors by «Christie Digital».


d3 technologies

The world’s first integrated video production suite, d3 is more than just a media server.

Based around a real-time 3D stage simulator, it is the single solution needed to design, present, communicate, sequence and playback your show. d3 lets You work with props, venues, LED screens, projection, lighting and moving stage elements, while being completely integrated into a single intuitive software solution that runs on your own laptop or dedicated d3 hardware.

d3 has been used on many of the largest and most complicated of shows, events and installations over the last 10 years. From rock to pop, theaterto broadcast, the d3 solution has brought a new way of working, bringing benefits to everyone right through to completion of every project.

The d3 solution is all about workflow and collaboration, allowing everyone on Yourproject to view, comment and adjust, right up to and including showtime. d3 will help keep Your clients expectations managed, and their confidence high.

of the equipment

The Catalyst media server PRO v.4
Technical characteristics:

processors - 2 x Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2,4GHz
memory — 6 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
video — NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 1280Mb
SSD 160 Gb+ 1 Tb
video capture — Active Silicon LFG4 – 4 x composite inputs (BNC)
Mac OS X 10.6.8
FireWire, USB 2.0, Optical audio, Ethernet, Airport, DVD-RW