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Laser Show from Dream Laser Studio

Our mission is to be the best in the field of multimedia projects by developing creative solutions based on innovative approaches and advanced technologies.

Laser shows produced by Dream Laser are exceptionally spectacular and out-of-the-ordinary performances. No matter what events are in place – concerts or open-air parties, corporate or private celebrations, weddings or anniversaries – laser show will make them much brighter and definitely unforgettable.

Also our Studio proposes Multimedia shows which combine 3D laser animation and video projection. If a light smoke is added to the show, laser beams moving in space, vary in color and form will make it really eye-catching.

3D Mapping show is the most exciting style of performances. 3D projections allow to bring life into any object, alter this object beyond recognition, highlight its peculiar characteristics. Spheres of 3D Mapping application are virtually unlimited.

Dream Laser is a member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). According to the requirements of ILDA, we observe American and European standards of quality and safety in our work.